The Concept of Idol in the Post Millennium Era

Jun 21, 2007 by: zen non


According to today news, Jordin Sparks has been hailed as the new American Idol. The 2007 American Idol programme had attracted 74 million people to vote last night. What? Something wrong?!

Yes, something is wrong by the name itself.

Let me tell you the history of idol. According to the Holy Book of Quran:

“They (idolaters) have said: “You shall not leave nor shall you leave Wadd, nor Suwa nor Yaghuth nor Ya uq nor Nasr (name of the idols).” (Chapter 71:Ayat 23 Quran)

Originally, those were names of men. Those four good men, Wadd,Suwa, Yaghuth, Ya uq and Nasr were believers. They were the forefathers of Prophet Noah's people. Stories were told that sometimes after their death, Iblis laknatullah came to their sons, reminding the people of their piousness. Then Iblis came again, offering his skill to carve statues as remembrance of these good men. So men begin to praised these statues adhering to their virtues. No later than sooner Iblis came again to these people, again offering his opinion. This time his trick was to make the people to keep a small statue at home. With his sweet and subtle words, again the people were convinced. Then Iblis waited.

Generations afterwards, people had forgotten what was the meaning of the statues, they only knew that their father and their forefathers had praised these statues. This was the time Iblis laknatullah had been waiting for. He came to men, and told amazing stories of those four statues, of who they were and what were their status. Indeed men had forgotten, that Iblis was the great enemy of mankind. Yet they heed his words. They praised and prayed for those statues, they idolized and worst, they begun to make wishes. Thus begun the history of idol worshiping. Indeed it was a great sin, yet men had forgotten who was their Creator, their Sustenance.

Thus Allah, The Most Merciful, appointed Prophet Noah to warn these people of their wrong-doing. Almost a thousand year Prophet Noah patiently preaching and calling them back to Islam. Sadly, only a handful came back to Allah.

As a result of their ignorance and shameful deeds, Allah, The Almighty has sent down rains that lasted for days and water rose from cracks of the earth thus flooding the earth into sea of water. This was the great flood of Noah. So all the disbelievers died, the animals died too. The only human that lived through this great trial were only the Believers who were saved by the ark built by Noah from the warning he received from God. The on;y animals that survived were pairs of kinds that the Prophet Noah carried in his great ark.

Then, years after the passing of Prophet Noah, people begin to deviate again, as mankind kept making the same mistakes and once again history was repeated. Until today, past the new millennium of 2000 AD, religions with millions of followers such as Buddhism, Hinduism and Christianism have their own kind of statues which they idolized, symbolized and prayed to. Truly, mankind had corrupted their generations without ever knowing and finding the true meaning of God.

Today, the western media had create a new kind of idol worshiping called the Idol reality program. They used living people, music and media to promote idols. They hid the concept of idol openly as if nothing wrong with it. Worst, people bought it and dug for it. It was People have ignored the real meaning of idol, even without references to the faithful Oxford Dictionary. Last night 74 million people worship living idols and had been cheated out of their money in plain sight. Just in the name of self-pleasure, to feel good and make believe. I hope no muslimin and muslimah watch the idols shows, either it is American Idol or Malaysian Idol.

References: Stories of The Prophet, Ibn Khatir, Translated by Muhammad Mustapha Geme'ah, Al-Azhar
written on May 24, 2007

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