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According to today news, Jordin Sparks has been hailed as the new American Idol. The 2007 American Idol programme had attracted 74 million people to vote last night. What? Something wrong?!

Yes, something is wrong by the name itself.

Let me tell you the history of idol. According to the Holy Book of Quran:

“They (idolaters) have said: “You shall not leave nor shall you leave Wadd, nor Suwa nor Yaghuth nor Ya uq nor Nasr (name of the idols).” (Chapter 71:Ayat 23 Quran)

Originally, those were names of men. Those four good men, Wadd,Suwa, Yaghuth, Ya uq and Nasr were believers. They were the forefathers of Prophet Noah's people. Stories were told that sometimes after their death, Iblis laknatullah came to their sons, reminding the people of their piousness. Then Iblis came again, offering his skill to carve statues as remembrance of these good men. So men begin to praised these statues adhering to their virtues. No later than sooner Iblis came again to these people, again offering his opinion. This time his trick was to make the people to keep a small statue at home. With his sweet and subtle words, again the people were convinced. Then Iblis waited.

Generations afterwards, people had forgotten what was the meaning of the statues, they only knew that their father and their forefathers had praised these statues. This was the time Iblis laknatullah had been waiting for. He came to men, and told amazing stories of those four statues, of who they were and what were their status. Indeed men had forgotten, that Iblis was the great enemy of mankind. Yet they heed his words. They praised and prayed for those statues, they idolized and worst, they begun to make wishes. Thus begun the history of idol worshiping. Indeed it was a great sin, yet men had forgotten who was their Creator, their Sustenance.

Thus Allah, The Most Merciful, appointed Prophet Noah to warn these people of their wrong-doing. Almost a thousand year Prophet Noah patiently preaching and calling them back to Islam. Sadly, only a handful came back to Allah.

As a result of their ignorance and shameful deeds, Allah, The Almighty has sent down rains that lasted for days and water rose from cracks of the earth thus flooding the earth into sea of water. This was the great flood of Noah. So all the disbelievers died, the animals died too. The only human that lived through this great trial were only the Believers who were saved by the ark built by Noah from the warning he received from God. The on;y animals that survived were pairs of kinds that the Prophet Noah carried in his great ark.

Then, years after the passing of Prophet Noah, people begin to deviate again, as mankind kept making the same mistakes and once again history was repeated. Until today, past the new millennium of 2000 AD, religions with millions of followers such as Buddhism, Hinduism and Christianism have their own kind of statues which they idolized, symbolized and prayed to. Truly, mankind had corrupted their generations without ever knowing and finding the true meaning of God.

Today, the western media had create a new kind of idol worshiping called the Idol reality program. They used living people, music and media to promote idols. They hid the concept of idol openly as if nothing wrong with it. Worst, people bought it and dug for it. It was People have ignored the real meaning of idol, even without references to the faithful Oxford Dictionary. Last night 74 million people worship living idols and had been cheated out of their money in plain sight. Just in the name of self-pleasure, to feel good and make believe. I hope no muslimin and muslimah watch the idols shows, either it is American Idol or Malaysian Idol.

References: Stories of The Prophet, Ibn Khatir, Translated by Muhammad Mustapha Geme'ah, Al-Azhar
written on May 24, 2007
by zen non
Some time after The Creation, billions upon billions of orbs of variable magnitudes and colors and kinds make their journey. It shall take a long.. long shot, but taken one step over a time, in orderly manners however chaotic it may seems, each one of the orb take the count for it had been written in The Big Book so it will exist, and function, and thereafter, completing equations after equations, having meaning beyond.

Where this journey goes to end, when will begin this end, how illogical the explanation, nay, the answer is laid without secret in one comparatively tiny orb. Thus, this is the orb that all other orbs shall envied. Made of water this orb glows blue in the total darkness that shrouded others. Blessed with soil, a quarter of this orb was filled with fertile land, which will never exist in others, nor which will never be made land again. Strengthen by iron, created on flaming orb a distance away, sent down so to fill the blue orb core. Henceforth, equipped with these three principal elements, the equation of generating life could begin in this blue orb that heavenly name is Ardh.
by zen non
You are the chosen one from the day you are born. You live through your perilous life until this moment up to the day your name will be called upon. As to be the chosen one, you are given numerous abilities and tools to be victorious against the great enemy. If you are able to strive and succeed until your name are called up, then you will be rewarded the greatest gift; to live in the land where rivers of sweet milk that will not turn sour and wine that will never intoxicated runs under your feet; which has been promised to you before you enter your mother's womb.

This is not a myth, yet this is a fact that some has been veiled from it, some is still seeking it, while some who already been told, deny it and becomes one of the unbelievers. Sadly, as for some of the believers, they had buried the seeds of truth that had been planted into their heart; conceal it deep, deep, deep inside themselves so this truth will not be the obstacle for fulfilling the lust for this cheap world.

Nonetheless, the believers who has been constantly reminded, yet still they forget the journey to the promised land is not as easy as walking home from school or from workplace. Then the enemy is no ordinary being which you can be watchful with because this ultimate foe is living outside the optic range of the eyes. The enemy attacks you by weapon of words that whispered not to your ears but straight to your heart, tickles it like the morning breeze that dozed you off while you are fully awake.

Hey friends, wake up, stand up, don't give up the fight. Rise up! You have been chosen to live this life. Every breath you take is a gift. Just make haste for amendment. Bring along all the friends that you can gather so you will never walk alone. Remember the wolf will attack the lonely sheep. If you are being tested in this worldly journey, just be patient, for each trial you face is meant for you to win something for your future life.

For me, I try so hard to do whatever it is necessary to walk the straight path, the straight path that every man and every woman must follow, the path that was once carved by sweat and blood of one man, chosen to show the straightest path to the promised land, the jannah, and he who is named as the most influential people in this world, the man whose name that always been chanted every single minute around the 'ardh, through the azan, he who love you when you love him. Find him, read about his life, love him and have faith with him, then in the end of time, you will surely be saved by The God that is Great.
by zen non
Dikisahkan bahawa sewaktu Allah Maha Besar menciptakan arsy, lantas disuruhNya para malaikat mengusungnya. Namun para malaikat tersebut tiada daya. Allah pun mengajar para malaikat itu menyebut Subhanallah. Lantas dengan mudahlah para malaikat mengangkatnya.
Para malaikat pun berkata, amat bagus kalimah ini, lantas mereka pun berzikir Subhanallah sepanjang masa.

Sewaktu ruh bapa segala manusia, Nabi Adam dimasukkan ke dalam jasadnya sehingga ke hidungnya, maka terbersinlah baginda. Lantas baginda mengucapkan Alhamdulillah dan ucapannya disambut oleh Allah. Malaikat pengusung arsy yang mendengar kalimah ini mengatakan, sungguh bagus kalimah ini, lalu digabungkan zikir mereka menjadi Subhanallah Walhamdullillah.

Ketika Allah Taala menggantikan bapa kaum muslimin, Nabi Ismail dengan seekor bebiri untuk dikorbankan, Nabi Ibrahim melaungkan kalimah Allahuakbar sebagai tanda kesyukuran dan keyakinannya pada Allah. Malaikat pengusung arsy yang mendengarnya pun berkata, alangkah bagusnya kalimah ini. Lantas digabungkan zikir mereka menjadi Subhanallah Walhamdullillah Wallahuakbar.

Apabila Jibril as menceritakan kisah ini pada bapa segala ruh, Nabi Muhammad SAW; lalu baginda pun terpesona. Lantas baginda mengucapkan Lahaulawalakuwataillah billahhilaliyilazim. Walahaulawalakuwataillah billahhilaliyilazim.

Para malaikat pengusung arsy yang mendengar kalimah ini pun berkata, ini kalimah keempat paling bagus mereka dengari. Lantas zikir mereka digabungkan sehinggalah menjadi

"Subhanallah Walhamdullillah Wallahuakbar Walahaulawalakuwataillah billahhilaliyilazim."

Dan para malaikat pengusung arasy pun berzikir sedemikian sehinggalah hari akhirat.

Ini adalah zikir penenang jiwa. Ini adalah zikir pengubat hati.
Hati tenang jiwa senang, akal terang jalanan benar pun terbentang.
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Pernahkah anda memikirkan tentang keturunan anda? Di manakah anda terletak di dalam pokok keluarga anda? Bagaimanakah anda ingin mengukurnya berbanding keturunan keluarga yang lain?

Satu kumpulan adik beradik dikira satu keturunan. Kumpulan ini yang berfungsi menjadi dahan dalam pokok keluarga. Apabila dahan ini bercambah selepas masa di antara 15 tahun dan seterusnya, maka pokok keluarga pun membesar. Di dalam satu kelompok komuniti yang besar, contohnya sebuah negara, gabungan tiap-tiap keturunan adalah satu generasi.

Di Malaysia, dengan mudahnya dinyatakan bahawa telah empat generasi membiak sejak kemerdekaannya. Di dalam setiap generasi, pasti akan lahir pemimpin-pemimpin negara. Oleh itu, dengan mudahnya juga generasi ini diukur dari pemimpin utamanya. Allahyarham Tun Hussein Onn, TAR & Tun Razak; TDr M dan Pak Lah adalah pemimpin utama dari generasi pertama pasca merdeka. DS Najib dan DS Hishamuddin adalah pemimpin dari generasi yang kedua. Manakala generasi ketiga masih belum diakui dan dikenali bakal-bakal pemimpinnya kerana rata-rata masih di bawah 40 tahun. Generasi keempat pula adalah anak-anak generasi ketiga yang boleh dikira sebagai budak-budak mentah.

Program globalisasi total yang dipelopori oleh negara barat kini telah dijalankan dengan aktif semenjak internet diangkat sebagai senjata utama menggantikan sistem televisyen yang gagal mencapai keberkesanan maksimum agenda negara barat walaupun ianya masih digunapakai sehingga sekarang.

Serangan senjata baru ini bermula di Malaysia kira-kira 10 tahun lepas dan kini dilihat memenuhi kekurangan yang dimiliki oleh sistem televisyen. Kedua-duanya mampu dimiliki dan mampu mengindahkan mimpi orang-orang yang tertidur. Dan kedua-duanya seolah-olah tangan dajjal yang membuai lena anak-anak kecil dari generasi keempat bagaikan mereka berada di syurga.

Siapa yang tahu tentang MTV angkat tangan.

Generasi ketiga diperkayakan dengan budaya rock. Generasi keempat lebih gemarkan pop, hiphop dan rap. Lantas, fenomena ini menyeludup ke dalam institusi kekeluargaan bagaikan mikrob yang hidup di dalam kuku yang tidak dijaga.

Generasi pertama masih ada kuasa, generasi kedua menunggu giliran, generasi ketiga sibuk mencari kuasa dan wang, sementara generasi keempat dibiarkan lena supaya fokus tiga generasi tertumpu pada dunia di dalam genggaman.
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Di dalam proses globalisasi era milenia ini, satu fenomena tempatan yang berakar umbi dari sikap buruk manusia telah berevolusi tunjang terasnya menjadi isu pokok masalah bumi. Fenomena ini berlaku apabila persaingan 6.25 bilion penduduk bumi untuk membentuk satu entiti yang rasmi; yang mana entiti ini mempunyai satu matlamat utama iaitu mencari wang. Jalan mudah, jalan susah, generasi kini tiada halangan asalkan hasrat dicapai. Maka timbullah pelbagai karenah etnik yang diterangi oleh satelit-satelit media yang berserakan di lapisan stratosfera bumi.

Kenyataannya adalah kira-kira 81% atau 5.25 bilion penduduk bumi hidup di dalam kelas kemiskinan. Perjalanan merentas dunia dari Hongkong ke China, India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Rusia dan negara-negara pecahannya akan membuktikan kesahihan statistik ini. Di Malaysia, empat generasi pasca merdeka sekarang ini di bawah pentadbiran generasi kedua. Generasi ketiga kini menyaingi generasi kedua memandu masa depan negara yang mana jurang antara dua generasi ini dipisahkan oleh 20 tahun proses “booming” teknologi maklumat. Corak atau paten pemikiran semenjak generasi ketiga berkembang begitu pesat didokong oleh pengetahuan penggunaan alat-alat elektronik terkini untuk penyebaran maklumat serantau. Di sinilah fenomena yang diperkatakan bersemi.

Jika pembaca memerhatikan langit malam yang terang, akan kelihatan kelipan jutaan bintang. Ada bintang yang kerdipannya begitu terang hingga menjadi penunjuk jalan dan ada yang hanya sekelip kemudian hilang dari pandangan.

Oleh disebabkan seluruh bumi boleh dipandang sekarang, semua orang berpeluang untuk menjadi bintang yang dikerumuni oleh berbilion planet yang kelam. Walaupun hanya sekelip sahaja, orang sekarang sanggup melakukan apa sahaja untuk menjadi bintang. Maka taikun-taikun media tidak melepaskan peluang memenuhi kehendak global ini dengan pelbagai program media memuja bintang. Setiap hari penduduk bumi akan disuap dengan input-input media ini, semenjak wujudnya peti televisyen. Secara subversif, minda generasi televisyen kini telah dikelabui dengan kemewahan, perempuan dan pengajaran kesusahan.

Amnya, generasi kedua, ketiga dan keempat pasca merdeka Malaysia secara tidak sedar telah diserang oleh fenomena ini. Seperti anai-anai yang memakan pasak rumah, masa telah menjalankan kerjanya. Tiang hancur, atap ranap, rumah roboh.
Jun 15, 2007 by zen non
15 billion years. That's how old the universe is. Every single second the universe never stop expanding since its creation. The journey has been so long that one may wonder that the end is near. The expansion of universe may stop as science had recently predicted and soon collapsion of universe will follow. Once the universe stop to grow, the balance from black holes that feed from particle and energy in the universe will be disrupted. Energy emitted from the life and dead of all the stars will pile up. Soon follow is the end. Old wisdoms had brought this news long ago. New technology had proven it. No matter how long it takes, it only took one day to be completed. Brace yourself for that day.
Jun 14, 2007 by zen non
Anger is one of normal human emotion. Like fire, anger has variable degree of intensity from mild irritation to intense fury and rage. According to anger specialist, Charles Spielberger, Phd; someone in angry state will experience increase heart rate, adrenaline and noradrenaline. Both are energy hormone that increase heart rate by pumping more blood. In other word, hot-head is a state where the body secreted hormones that makes a rush of blood flow to the brain and this mean more heat up the head.

Anger comes with aggressiveness. Poor anger management may lead to incidents that ones may regret their whole life. Let's see the growth of anger in human.
We may not remember, but babies too can be very angry. In this stage, babies is pampered by their parents. Parent normally response to whatever a baby angry needs. As the baby grows to become kid, his parent still tend to his needs, and this time, well-pampered kid is highly prone to be angry kids because this is a psychological way to persuade his parent to his whatever he wanted. Sometimes, the other way round happens. Have you heard about angry parents? Children are likely to built their character from their environment and close kins.

Things got worse from time to time, as this angry feelings lay low in their heart for a long time without even the person realized that their anger was there from their childhood. The anger got accumulated, when the bad time comes, it will trigger like a time bomb. Angry people do many crazy things.Angry people tend to jump to—and act on— a certain poor decision, made up quickly and usually inaccurate. An angry person can only see narrow paths and let a quick but bad solutions, since their focus is letting out the rage inside.

Life is always full of options. Here's pieces of advice you may find useful to manage anger.

Dig down inside your brain and look for old angry memories, then try to forgive people or even yourself in that memories. Take time to forgive. Time is always healing.

Keep Calm. Do not let any angry feelings stored inside the heart. Dont blame the whole world for your misfortune. The world is a cruel place. Everybody knows that. So, whats the point of being angry.

Keep out of angry words. Ones that speak with angry words or cursing or with angry tones will be interpreted by others that he is angry.

Counsel your most trusted friend, or parents or older people that you pay respect for. If you have nobody respectful enough, then you anger is as huge as a mountain.

Have faith. People with strong believes is usually a calm and collective people.
Patient Is The Sign Of A True Believer.

Use water to cool off hot head. In Islam teachings, effectively, when a person is angry, he is advice to take wudu'(ablution) to cool down the angry feeling.

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