A collection of lectures by Bilal Assad

Nov 25, 2007 by: zen non

His voice is beautiful. His talks is powerful. His stories are the truth. His intention is true.

Iman.mp3 64kbps.22kHz
Year: Unknown Size:34.6MB Audio: 10/10 Length: 75 m. 35 s.
Synopsis: A beautiful lecture of current problem of Muslim ummah with few exemplary true stories of tests and trials of mukminin and mukminah.

Duaa'.mp3 64kbps.22kHz
Year: 2006 Size: 29.4MB Audio: 10/10 Length: 64 m. 43 s.
Synopsis: A good lecture of how to manage anger and how to make duaa' to Allah to be accepted.

Ahmed The Repenter.mp3
Audio: 10/10 Length: 73 m. 23 s.
Synopsis: True story of Ahmed, a man from Riyadh on his path to repentance.

Heaven.mp3 - Part 1 of 3 64kbps
Year: 2006 Size: 18.7MB Audio: 10/10 Length: 40 m. 59 s

Heaven.mp3 - Part 2 of 3 64kbps
Year: 2006 Size: 22.9 MB Audio: 10/10 Length: 50 m. 07 s

Heaven.mp3 - Part 3 of 3 64kbps
Year: 2006 Size: 24.0 MB Audio: 10/10 Length: 52 m. 34 s

Synopsis: A truly beautiful lecture about what Allah offers to us in Jannah (heaven). What gifts awaits for a man when he step into paradise? How beautiful will a woman of earth be when they enter paradise and what kind of clothing does she wear? Who is the friends of mankind in paradise? What is the best gift among all gifts of paradise?

Hellfire - Part 1 of 3.mp3 64kbps
Year: 2006 Size: 16.4 MB Audio: 10/10 Length: 35 m. 52 s

Hellfire - Part 2 of 3.mp3 64kbps
Year: 2006 Size: 28.8 MB Audio: 10/10 Length: 63 m. 03 s

Hellfire - Part 3 of 3.mp3 64kbps
Year: 2006 Size: 27.9 MB Audio: 10/10 Length: 61 m. 07 s

Synopsis: Mankind live between hope and fear. Increase your fear to Allah with this great lecture about the creation of a place call hell, the hellfire and the situation in hell.

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