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Aug 17, 2007 by: zen non

Bismillah Ar Rahman Ar Rahim

The Beginning - Situation

Subhanallah. Alhamdullillah. Allahuakbar.
For as long as I remember, never comes the thought of me being a teacher. But a twist of fate brings me to what I am now. And I have no intention of going anywhere as long as Allah will is what I am now. Mind that my last job was a cook at a nasi lemak stall in Medan Sunway.

With blessing from Allah The Most Gracious, right now I am guided to a path which I endlessly pray to Allah The Most Merciful for any misguidance. Allah with all His Kindness has sustain my livings with adequate students, good health and all kinds of blessing befitting to my needs.

Here is my story. Most of my fifty plus students are kids that are the restless, full of joy and happily-running-around kids who has come regularly to my nice centre here from day one. Alhamdulillah. A few months ago, Allah The Great has sent me a few secondary students to be under my tutelage which brings to my point of my writing here.

Today's morning class was Form 1 Science.

One boy came earlier before 8 telling me he got something at school and had to be excused. That left me with two girls, one is Farhana and a Serani named Ana. I love my students to ask me questions, so then I can tell them stories beyond their school curriculum boundary. And this morning was the usual Q&A tutorial that I had asked them to finish up since last week so I can move to the next topic. As usual too, they'll never met up to my expectation to complete those questionnaires at home by giving me lame excuses of too many homeworks, adik kacau la..et cetera.

So as the Q&As goes along, we came to a question of conservation of natural resources which I intentionally bring up the oil issue. I said to them, in another 20 years or so, without any new oil field found, there will be petrol no more and they have to walk to go anywhere. Or; I added; you can buy horses from me which what I'll be doing at that time, a horse and donkey merchant. They giggles. Then Ana asked me if I would sell camel too. No, I replied. I had no knowledge whether camel could live in this country or not, I had to do some more research on that, I said to them. And then we joke some more on this issue. FYI, I had already told them a few months ago about the petroleum crisis and the like of giants such as USA and China that keep on sucking oil like there will be no tomorrow. And I also had told them before that current wars against terrorism are nothing but business propaganda.

If you are wandering, my point is this. We are the current leaders of the next decade and these young naive kids are our hope. But what have we stored for them, wealth? Money? Power? A vision? What? With the current situation on our education system, we are doom to fail. These youngsters we have now will be wasted as the country that create our education and governmental system intentionally use it as a post colonial divide and conquer tactic. Yet our leaders are sleeping over it, on the rolls that we paid to them. Allahuakbar.

Both my students and I know that their faith is gloomy on the years to come, although we joked about it, but it keeps us alert. I kept thinking and thinking of what should I do so that I can make a small contribution towards the rising of the ummah. And I know that this ummah will surely rise, as our beloved prophet has prophesied. It is only a matter of when will we realize and we can act upon the knowledge that is given to us by Allah. We can be the fire starters. No matter how long it takes, 100, 200, 300 years; but we have to start now. Our brothers in other countries are doing so right now.

My friends, first is we have to raise our eman. Setting up examples. Educate our own children to the path of the righteous people. Spread only the good things. Not the evil deeds. Then we have to strengthen our numbers by inviting the non-believers here to the houses of Allah. So many things yet to be done, why must we sit around and let other to grab this opportunities. Hopefully after all that we have done; on the day of judgment; by Allah mercy, He will save us from the torture of hellfire.
Insha Allah.
Jazakallahhikhairn for you who has read this from start to end.

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