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Jun 21, 2007 by: zen non

You are the chosen one from the day you are born. You live through your perilous life until this moment up to the day your name will be called upon. As to be the chosen one, you are given numerous abilities and tools to be victorious against the great enemy. If you are able to strive and succeed until your name are called up, then you will be rewarded the greatest gift; to live in the land where rivers of sweet milk that will not turn sour and wine that will never intoxicated runs under your feet; which has been promised to you before you enter your mother's womb.

This is not a myth, yet this is a fact that some has been veiled from it, some is still seeking it, while some who already been told, deny it and becomes one of the unbelievers. Sadly, as for some of the believers, they had buried the seeds of truth that had been planted into their heart; conceal it deep, deep, deep inside themselves so this truth will not be the obstacle for fulfilling the lust for this cheap world.

Nonetheless, the believers who has been constantly reminded, yet still they forget the journey to the promised land is not as easy as walking home from school or from workplace. Then the enemy is no ordinary being which you can be watchful with because this ultimate foe is living outside the optic range of the eyes. The enemy attacks you by weapon of words that whispered not to your ears but straight to your heart, tickles it like the morning breeze that dozed you off while you are fully awake.

Hey friends, wake up, stand up, don't give up the fight. Rise up! You have been chosen to live this life. Every breath you take is a gift. Just make haste for amendment. Bring along all the friends that you can gather so you will never walk alone. Remember the wolf will attack the lonely sheep. If you are being tested in this worldly journey, just be patient, for each trial you face is meant for you to win something for your future life.

For me, I try so hard to do whatever it is necessary to walk the straight path, the straight path that every man and every woman must follow, the path that was once carved by sweat and blood of one man, chosen to show the straightest path to the promised land, the jannah, and he who is named as the most influential people in this world, the man whose name that always been chanted every single minute around the 'ardh, through the azan, he who love you when you love him. Find him, read about his life, love him and have faith with him, then in the end of time, you will surely be saved by The God that is Great.

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