Legend of the Blue Orb

Jun 21, 2007 by: zen non

Some time after The Creation, billions upon billions of orbs of variable magnitudes and colors and kinds make their journey. It shall take a long.. long shot, but taken one step over a time, in orderly manners however chaotic it may seems, each one of the orb take the count for it had been written in The Big Book so it will exist, and function, and thereafter, completing equations after equations, having meaning beyond.

Where this journey goes to end, when will begin this end, how illogical the explanation, nay, the answer is laid without secret in one comparatively tiny orb. Thus, this is the orb that all other orbs shall envied. Made of water this orb glows blue in the total darkness that shrouded others. Blessed with soil, a quarter of this orb was filled with fertile land, which will never exist in others, nor which will never be made land again. Strengthen by iron, created on flaming orb a distance away, sent down so to fill the blue orb core. Henceforth, equipped with these three principal elements, the equation of generating life could begin in this blue orb that heavenly name is Ardh.

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