The Roof Is On Fire

Jun 14, 2007 by: zen non

Anger is one of normal human emotion. Like fire, anger has variable degree of intensity from mild irritation to intense fury and rage. According to anger specialist, Charles Spielberger, Phd; someone in angry state will experience increase heart rate, adrenaline and noradrenaline. Both are energy hormone that increase heart rate by pumping more blood. In other word, hot-head is a state where the body secreted hormones that makes a rush of blood flow to the brain and this mean more heat up the head.

Anger comes with aggressiveness. Poor anger management may lead to incidents that ones may regret their whole life. Let's see the growth of anger in human.
We may not remember, but babies too can be very angry. In this stage, babies is pampered by their parents. Parent normally response to whatever a baby angry needs. As the baby grows to become kid, his parent still tend to his needs, and this time, well-pampered kid is highly prone to be angry kids because this is a psychological way to persuade his parent to his whatever he wanted. Sometimes, the other way round happens. Have you heard about angry parents? Children are likely to built their character from their environment and close kins.

Things got worse from time to time, as this angry feelings lay low in their heart for a long time without even the person realized that their anger was there from their childhood. The anger got accumulated, when the bad time comes, it will trigger like a time bomb. Angry people do many crazy things.Angry people tend to jump to—and act on— a certain poor decision, made up quickly and usually inaccurate. An angry person can only see narrow paths and let a quick but bad solutions, since their focus is letting out the rage inside.

Life is always full of options. Here's pieces of advice you may find useful to manage anger.

Dig down inside your brain and look for old angry memories, then try to forgive people or even yourself in that memories. Take time to forgive. Time is always healing.

Keep Calm. Do not let any angry feelings stored inside the heart. Dont blame the whole world for your misfortune. The world is a cruel place. Everybody knows that. So, whats the point of being angry.

Keep out of angry words. Ones that speak with angry words or cursing or with angry tones will be interpreted by others that he is angry.

Counsel your most trusted friend, or parents or older people that you pay respect for. If you have nobody respectful enough, then you anger is as huge as a mountain.

Have faith. People with strong believes is usually a calm and collective people.
Patient Is The Sign Of A True Believer.

Use water to cool off hot head. In Islam teachings, effectively, when a person is angry, he is advice to take wudu'(ablution) to cool down the angry feeling.

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