Enigma of The Dark Universe

Jun 8, 2008 by: zen non

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The story of light might be story of old, what more could be unfold? Besides the two known characters of light, that it is still in momentum, unless block by an opaque object, it will collide and return, light is also an element that hold no age as it is not affected by time.

The energy of light origins of one source. It was born with a Bang! Then it spread accordingly throughout the universe. Along its journey it completed zillions of equation, by one of them was to create matters. It nurtured the birth of galaxies and stars. Passing and jumping keeps on transforming. Even some were caught in our own eyes.

Beautiful things are described in light. Beautiful souls are the bearers of light. Beautiful souls walks on water. Beautiful souls can control the nafs'; from eating too much food made of fire.

Light and fire are strong elements, it gives hope for the journey of mankind. A long journey with short provision.

It is a teaching to mankind to sleep in the night. Danger lurks in the darkest hour. What always peoples do in the dark of the night, are to leave the world by going to sleep. A man who sleeps does no need of fire. Instead, his soul was blown by the breeze of the night. To be cooled outside in the light of the stars.

How to sleep is an essential knowledge. Seldom were discussed; rare were the thoughts; about how mankind should face the dark universe.Why don't we look inside the hadeeths and also the Quran.

A collection of Hadeeths from Sahih Muslim about sleep and dream.
(in English & BM)

Hadeeths about
1. Before going to sleep
2. Dua’a and Supplication at Night
3. In-between Sleep
4. Arise from Sleep
5. Devils of the Night
6. Hadeeths about dream

While here is a verse from al-Quran al-Karim,
"And He it is Who makes the Night as a Robe for you, and Sleep as Repose, and makes the Day (as it were) a Resurrection."

- Al Furqaan 25:47, Al Quran al-Karim
"Dan Dialah Tuhan yang menjadikan malam untuk kamu sebagai pakaian dan menjadikan tidur untuk berhenti rehat, serta menjadikan siang untuk keluar mencari rezeki."

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