The Dark Universe

May 24, 2008 by: zen non

When the sun goes down half of the world plunged into darkness. Now is the time when Mother Earth faces the dark side of the universe. On her belly were the children of Adam ‘alaihissalam. Together we face the dark universe.

But the mercy of light it repels the dark. When dark matter creeps, moon will set shining and glowing. That is the Moon that keeps our time.

Children of Adam just don’t sit around. They harvest the earth and create technologies. One particular technology was the discovery of modern electricity and the ability to transform electricity into light. Light that can repel darkness of night trapped in electrical and chemical compound. What have men done with plenty of light, is building cities like stars in the sky.

The story of light might be story of old, its creation was full of blessing. What always peoples do in the dark of the night, are to leave the world by going to sleep.


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