The War Will Go On

Jun 5, 2008 by: zen non

The legacy of Bush Administration will surely goes on no matter who will take the next presidential seat. That's mean a flow of continuity on "war on terror" propaganda and the occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan will not end soon. The butterfly effect of this continuous tides of war surely affect the price of everything in between oil and food. My conclusion is based upon observation of incidents around the world and lastly come to Barak Obama's latest speech, whom we here shall never support even with our weakest heart. This man is just a piece of pawn that will be change into a queen in the "world domination order" play board. But let us not be submissive to the mounting pressure on our beloved Islam, for they will always put us to accept moderate thinking, freedom of speech, gender equality and human rights for they have hidden agenda to alter the religion, yes, I repeat again, they wish to change Islam itself. Funds had long been spend in hundreds of millions to advance this psychological warfare to change not the people, but the religion itself.

We need to have stronghold of Iman to counter waves upon waves of attacks since we had lost our last Caliph after the World War 1. Let us pray in unison for Allah to guide us, all Muslims in the world, to the victory of here and the hereafter.

You can read the speech by Barak Obama here

Arabs shocked by Obama speech

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