Wake Up, Rise Up from your Sleep in the Cradle of Azazil

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Brothers and sisters,
Dare yourself to rise up against the enshrouding dark cumulonimbus cloud on top of our head. Have you forgotten what Saiyidina Ali r.a. said? He said,

"O World! Do you want to deceive me after being decorated? Get out from here and deceive some other person. I sever all my relations from you forever. Your age is short and yours company is abject; and to be overtaken by misery over here is easier (than in the Hereafter). Ah! Ah! The Provision is short and the journey is long and the way is dangerous.."

Herewith is a revealing lecture by Imam Anwar Al 'Awlaki, in which he disclose that our enemy are at our own front yard and yet we are inside the house baffling about rising of oil and food price, corruptions, moral desecration, and human inequalities.
Imam Anwar emphasized that Islam, our beloved religion is currently under a great threat, many shall prevail if no actions to be taken by us, Muslim brothers and sisters. We can't say what is happening now in Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan, Sudan, Nigeria et cetera is not our responsibility. For we Muslims had crossed the border of ethnicities and races as told by the Prophet Muhammad in his last speech. Indeed we shall do whatever we can to ease the pain in the other part of this great Ummah.

His lecture was delivered to a South African audience via live phone link on Sunday 11 May 2008. It was part of a Conference held by PureIslam Da’wah and Publications themed: Holding on to Hot Coals - Surviving as a Muslim in the West. An important topic that is going unnoticed by the majority of people around the world. With the advancement of communications in the world, the enemies are not only plotting away with their weapons but also with their lies portrayed in the media spreading all sorts of lies to justify the slaughter of innocent human beings.

Imaam Anwar al-’Awlaki said,

“…And this cowardly thing, I have heard it again and again. And I’m amazed that some Muslims like parrot are repeating this accusation. And Subhanallah, I failed to understand how the Israeli soldier wearing his bulletproof vest and his steel helmet, covering behind the pile of sandbags and still runs away from the stones thrown by the Palestinian children are called courageous. And the Palestinian children, ….”

“So they (America) are failing, and Mrs. Bernard and her cronies at RAND and the Pentagon should know that their plan would fail because Allah is the best of planners, and that the fundamentalists and extremists - whom they despise - are not only going to win in Afghanistan and ‘Iraaq, but they will continue their march until they drive your people, the Jews, out of the Holy Land and plant their black banners on the rooftops of Jerusalem.”

Here is part of the transcript, which I had written down..

Dear Brother and Sister, Assalamualaikum Warahmatullah hi wabarakatuh

We ask Allah Azza Wajjal to accept our effort. We ask Allah Azza Wajjal that He provide us with beneficial knowledge. As was announced the topic of this lecture is “The Battle of Hearts and Minds”. And I started by reading you a quote from a report by RAND Institute in 2007 states that the struggle underway throughout much of the Muslim world is essentially as a war of idea. Its outcome will determine the future direction of Muslim world.

So, there is a struggle of idea right now in the Muslim world. According to the United States Defense Department in its quadrennial defense report, the US involve in the war that is the battle of arms and the battle of ideas. A war when ultimate victory will be achieved when extremist ideologies are discredited in the eye their host population. So, according to RAND and according to the Pentagon and truthfully itself there is a struggle of idea going on in the Muslim world. What is their position in this internal affair that concerned the Muslim?

This battle of idea between those who wants to follow Islam as revealed to Muhammad S.A.W. and those who want to pick and choose from Islam. They want to follow Islam selectively. Now, this issue is not new with Muslim. In every age there are ahlul-Haq and there are those who want to deviate from Islam. Throughout our history, this was a struggle that Allah destined to remain.

And even existed among the believing nation before us, for example the Bani Israel; there were those who held on to the truth and there were those whom Allah said in the Quran: “They changed the meaning of the words.” So, they will take the words of the Bible and they will change them. The scribe will change the words. Some of that were done to please the authority of that time. Because we know that Bani Israel lived under various nations. For example, the lived under the Roman rules, and at that time the Romans were pagans. And they lived under the rules of the Kings of Babil; they were pagans too. And according to a story mentioned in tafseer; that at a particular time some of the Rabbis gave a fatwa to the King of Babylon allowing him to have a haram relationship. But they did in such a fatwa to please their king. So they changed the rule of Allah Azza Wajjal in order to please the human being.

This conflict of ideas that is going on in the Muslim world, what are these non Muslims doing about it? According to the US news and world report, today Washington is fighting back. After repeated of miss steps since the 9-11 attack, the US government has embarks on a campaign of political warfare unmatched since the height of the Cold War. From military psychological operation team, and CIA covert operatives to openly funded media and think tanks, Washington is throwing tens of million of dollars into a campaign to influenced not only Muslim societies but Islam itself! Now hear this again, the US is trying to change Islam itself.

Without any shame they openly stating that we have a desire not only to influence the societies but we want to change the religion itself. Probably in the time of Bani Israel those Rabbis that change the book of Allah never dare to say so openly. These without even hiding it are saying that we want to change Islam. Yes we do. And then the article carry on to say that at least two dozen countries Washington has quietly funded Islamic radio and television shows, coursework in Muslim schools, Muslim think tanks, political workshop or other programs that promote moderate Islam. Federal aid is going to restore mosques, salvation Quran and even built Islamic schools. Well, as we see here they are trying to promote this moderate Islam, moderate according to their definition and they are spending millions of dollar to do so.

Brothers and sisters,
When a Muslim, a true Muslim, hear this; he hears that non Muslim who has no knowledge about religion who do not believe in Allah Azza Wajjal and do not believe in Muhammad SAW and do not take Quran as their book of Allah, when a Muslim hears that such a people are openly claiming that he want to change your religion, this should make every any Muslim who has any love of Allah Sallallahu wa Taala angry. How dare you and who are you to tell us what Islam is and isn’t? In fact we even found that President Bush is standing in front of the microphone teaching us about Islam. Giving us khutbah about Islam. In an address that he gave in 2002, he asserted that Islam is a faith that brings comfort to a billion people around the world. And has made brothers and sisters of every race. It’s a faith base upon love not hate.

Now his statement is true, I mean Islam is a faith that brings comfort to a billion people around the world and has made brothers and sisters of every race and it’s a faith base upon love not hate. I mean the statement is to some extent is right, but who is Bush to tell us what is Islam is and isn’t? Who gave him the authority to speak for Islam? Subhanallah. We even found some Muslims at the time were happy and proud that Bush had spoken this way about Islam. But the issue shows the arrogance and the condescending view didn’t go unnoticed even on some non-Muslim commentators. One of them said, he said, sarcastically that the political leadership collectively appeared to have acquired an instant post graduate degree in Islamic studies enabling them to lecture the population concerning the true nature of Islam.

In another report by RAND, by the way RAND is a 1600 employees, non profit organization that provides analysis to US Department of Defense. It’s connected to Pentagon. And somehow, RAND Corporation has taken a liking lately to this issue of the Battle of the Heart and Mind and they have written more than one publications on this topic. I will during this talk quote from some of their publications.

In the report titled Civil Democratic Islam by Cheryl Bernard. She’s a Jew married to a murtad. It can’t get any worse. Her husband is Zalmay Khalilzad, (http://zalmay.com/default.aspx ) the murtad, if he ever was a Muslim; who held some very high posts in the US administration. He was ambassador to the UN at one point, ambassador to Afghanistan, ambassador to Iraq. So, they are putting him in some pretty sensitive posts. So this Cheryl Bernard is his wife. She publishes her report for RAND titled Civil Democratic Islam. So from the title you can see what kind of Islam they want. What kind of Islam they want to force upon us. And by the way, they are willing to go to the extent of sending their armies to enforce on us the particular version of Islam that we’re supposed to follow. Ya’ni brother, Subhanallah, Muslims should stand up and unite again such arrogance. Some of her recommendation, she said that and she’s talking about this moderate Muslim, she said publish and distribute their works at subsidized cost.

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