The Well

May 23, 2008 by: zen non

The Town of AleppoWhile I was pouring a vessel of water from the stone water container in my house just now, as often, I would wonder where this blessed-water came from.

“It must have come from a land far, far away. It comes so far just to fill my vessel. And in my stone container, it had died along the way. But water is the nature's phoenix. It will revives as vapors and clouds.

Water alive in the mountains of high, growing rapidly in the streams they flow. All down below waits the calm of a mum. Mother of Earth is what people called. Silently she plays the time where water goes. With hard rocks, she beds Mankind from rush of the flows.

In the canyons she heals with her tender the most. It’s all because canyons are worst than the desert. Cracking sound of earth is filling the air. Canyons are land that had huge elongated cracks a long time ago. Poor of water, land becomes violent. Maybe mad at mankind who is the poor manager, who is asking,

Why many men were deprived from using fresh water?

“Because cost involved is enormous,” some might say.

Then maybe our solution is not the best for Mother Earth. So I propose wells are built near our home.

In the great land of Africa lies our major water source. A pair of Niles sculpting the scenic mountains, hills and valleys, such a vast beautiful land Africa is. They flowed together only Allah knows when, but the thing is that water goes deep even to the caves of gold. That gold is what men desired most. Which, I think we actually didn’t need the gold. The gold is for the leaders to spend it wisely.

What more a blessings than to have fresh water wells, just around the corners to be shared among substantial families. The more the families the more needs for the wells. As now the river is polluted and dirty. Do you remember Imam Shafi’i? He said a good city needs a just ruler, a really good doctor and clean rivers when he was in Egypt. In order men to strive rivers must be cleaned. Water will live throughout its journeys. It feeds babies from mother’s milk, which gives them strength for their hard journey. Look at Aleppo. This city of old is what our mother had nurtured.

There must be a technique on how to build wells around homes and homes and homes...
Ask a professor. I’m sure somebody will know. We have got to find all the answers to the riddle of the land. By paying a few Dinars, everybody can have free water for all their lives.

O’ what say you o’ my fellows, wise and old or young and gold? Should we have a well even in the city negihbourhoods?Nabe'e Hassan on the River Markieh

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