The Questions

Nov 19, 2007 by: zen non

1 - So what is your take on Islam. By that I mean what do you believe it means to be a Muslim?

2 - Do you wish to see Islam dominant on earth? If yes, why? If no, why?

3 - If so do you agree with Sharia law? As above, why?

4 - Do you see Mohammed's life as something you wish to emulate? If so why? If not, why not?

5 - What are your beliefs regarding equality for women? Can you justify your beliefs using Islamic jurisprudence?

6 - Do you agree that Islam rules over how you should worship, live your life and run your country? If not, why not?

7 - Is the Qur'an fallible? Can the contents of the Qur'an be re-interpreted in light of the 21st century? If yes how do you get around earlier rulings (by each of the schools of Islam) that the Qur'an is unchangeable in interpretation for eternity.

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