Legends of Islam

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Legends of Islam by Sheikh Ahmad Jibril - click here for full list
1. Nouridden Zinki [1118 - 1174 CE] File Size: 28.41MB
2. Salahuddin Ayyubi [1137-1193 CE] File Size:29.75 MB
3. Ukbah Bin Nafe' & Al-Nu'man Bin Mukrin Al-Muzani File Size: 22.92 MB
4. 'Umar bin Abdul Aziz [682 - 720 CE] File Size:22.49 MB
5. Imam Bukhari [810 - 870 CE] File Size: 23.19 MB
6. Muhammad ibn 'Abd al-Wahhab at-Tamimi [1703–1792] File Size: 22.51 MB
7. Saifuddin Kuduz File Size: 14.58 MB
Audio: 10/10 Bitrate: 40kbps, sound is very good and very clear.

All the leaders above are the exemplary figures of great and truthful leaders that has long been forgotten by many Muslims today. Here is a chance for us to catch up what we had lost. Let us learn from their history. Let us be a hero to ourself so our sons could be a greater hero than us. Only hero can raise a hero.

Background of Speaker
Sheikh Ahmad was born in the United States, and spent part of his childhood in the city of Madina in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia when his father, Sheikh Musa Jibril, was a student at the Islamic University of Madina. It was there where Sheikh Ahmad also became Hafidh al Qur'an at the age of 11. Sheikh Ahmad then spent the rest of his younger years back in the United States graduating from high school in 1989. Thereafter, he studied at the Islamic University of Madina as his father did, and graduated with a degree in the Shari'a. He returned to the United States and finished his JD/LLM (masters of law) degree from Michigan law schools. May Allah (azza wajal) reward him and his family. Ameen.

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Distribution of this lecture is only for spreading knowledge of Islam history which a large part of it has been lost from our school textbooks except for a few. If anybody has any objection for this distribution, please kindly contact me immediately for removal of this post. May Allah rewards Sheikh Ahmad and everyone who involves in the production of this great lecture.

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