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Somebody posted this thread on a forum yesterday.
i just dont think its right to follow the preachings of someone who has sex with nine year old girls or takes his sons wife for his self because god told him to after he seen her naked.

Here is my answer to such accusation.

Please, do not insult something that you don't really know. Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him, was married to a nine-year old Aishah, daughter to his best friend Abu Bakr Assiddiq. As a father, nobody will allow her nine year-old daughter to be married, unless he knew what is the virtue behind it. Some might have viewed the marriage of Muhammad and 'A'isha as an exceptional marriage, but then the two partners were exceptional people. The Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) was the last of the Prophets and the best of creation; and Aishah was a very intelligent and observant young girl with a very good memory. The people of Makkah did not object to Aishah becoming married because although she was young, she was mature enough to understand the responsibility of marriage. Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) was engaged to Aishah for 2 years before he married her.

At the age of 18, after nine years of marriage, her beloved husband died. But then, Aishah had became one of the most prominent scholar of Islam, and she was the most knowledgeable of the prophet hadeeth(saying and doing) among all other scholars combined.It is not surprising, therefore, that a great deal of the knowledge that Muslims still have today, about how the Prophet (pbuh) lived and behaved, was first remembered and then taught to others by 'Aishah.

Indeed, his marriage to her was not for pleasure, but rather to make her his best student and afterwards, the best teacher. During her time, whenever scholars had unsettled arguments, they would always referred and adhered to her judgment and wisdom.

And I can say, she is a beloved mother to all Muslims. She and others Prophet wife were called "The Mother of the Believers". I would stand strong to defend her to whatever defamation that people said about her as I would to my birth mother.

....takes his sons wife for his self because god told him to after he seen her naked END QUOTE

This is another defamation (fitnah) that the disbelievers said about Prophet Muhammad. Well, I say, if this is the best that they can do, then, do better.

Zainab bint Jahsh was the woman you are talking about. She was a cousin of the prophet. She was married to Zaid ibn Harithah. Zaid was a slave boy given to the prophet by his first wife, Khadijah. Then the prophet freed him at the age of 8 and make him his adopted son. The Prophet saw both of them grew up from childhood and he himself arranged their marriage. But the marriage did not last long. It is said they had quarreled a lot. Zaid had frequently asked opinion from the Prophet to divorce his wife, but the Prophet insisted that he should saved his marriage. But then, as things had not gone well, Zaid had to divorced her.

Then, Zainab was married to the Prophet at the age of 35 while the Prophet was already 58. It is told that the Prophet was the man that Zainab desired the most to be married to. The prophet received the command to marry Zainab while he was with Aisha. After he had received the revelation, he smiled and said, "Who will go and give Zainab the good news?" and he recited the ayat that he had received. Some say that it was Zaid himself who told her the good news. When Zainab heard the news, she stopped what she was doing and prayed to thank Allah. Afterwards, she was fond of pointing out that her marriage had been arranged by Allah. It was at this point that the Prophet changed her name from Barra to Zainab.

In doing so, he demonstrated beyond doubt that in Islam an adopted son is not regarded in the same light as a natural son, and that although a father may never marry a woman whom his natural son has married and then divorced, the father of an adopted son is permitted to marry a woman who was once, but is no longer, married to that adopted son. Furthermore, by marrying Zainab, the Prophet (pbuh) also confirmed that it is permissible for cousins to marry, and , at the same time, Zainab was given her heart's desire to be married to the Best of Creation.

And the last thing, i would like to add, is the prophet only married other women after his first wife, Khadijah died, whom he married for 25 years.

Alhamdullillah. With strong advices from other members (although they were also disbelievers), the person had apologized for his remarks. In my opinion such a remark can only came from a person who had been indoctrinated with hatred towards Islam. We the believers should response in the manner and wisdom of the Prophet. Remember that once he went to the town of Thaif in the outskirt of Mecca. Not only the people of Thaif cast him out, they even threw stones to him until his sandals was soaked in blood. Then, as he rejoiced himself at a date palm acres outside the town, two angles came to him. The angles wanted to destroy the people of Thaif, but the Prophet, with all his kindness disallowed it and then he told the angles that maybe someday, their children would embraced to the truth of Islam. Many years later, when Islam had been victorious, many scholars and fighters did came from the town of Thaif. This is a great lesson for us of how to balance violence with patience, mercy and wisdom.

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