A teacher's view series - After The Beginning

Aug 26, 2007 by: zen non

Last night i had been given a chance to teach by Allah SWT in a tuition centre at Sri Rampai,KL. I had three class starting at 8pm in two hours. Alhamdulillah, the last one was in front of around twelve naïve 13 years old kids with different beliefs. Their usual tutor was Teacher Khairul; as he was absent, I came in as a replacement.

Topic for that class was energy. As a cracker, i asked them did they believe God? All nodded. Okay, i said to them, I would tell them a story.

To begin my story, I started with when God wanted to create the universe, God gave a very, very strong energy to start the creation. This energy could not be destroyed, it would only kept changing and changing into other energies. Thus with this energy, all the planets, all the moons, all the stars, and everything else was created, I continued. Then why, why didn't we received this energy from God directly from the sky? was my next question. Without waiting for them to think, I continued, it is because we, mankind, could not bear the power of God. Even a mountain would melt into dust not able to hold the power of this great energy from God. But God had a way for us to be able to receive this energy. How? I continued... it was through the sun.

The sun received the power of God and it exploded into fusion. The explosion sent radiation and billions of tonnes of charged particles streaming into space. Alhamdulillah, we sleep soundly every night. If not, Boom!! Boom!! Boom!! What's that bang, the sun is exploding. Sound energy couldn't travel in space.

So, I continued, only beneficial energies reached earth, that is the light energy which also carried the heat energy with it. Thus, green leaves received the light to generate food. So great was this energy, grass became carpet for the land that mankind walked on it. Then, cows grazed on this green, green grass. So rich was this energy, plants had plenty of food where it could stored excesses food in it fruits. In this way, light energy was captured and converted into chemical energy in green and red.

Then, as we ate this food we received the energy from God, filtered after many levels to reach mankind. And we used this energy to do all kinds of works.

Heat energy from the sun also was used to heat up the land and the ocean. While it heated up a piece land, another piece of land which didn't received enough light will became colder. Therefore, a difference in air pressure was created, and so the air would move from the colder area on this earth to the hotter part. Moving air, or wind, is a source of energy on this earth. When the sea was heated, water would be evaporated in mists of cloud which triggered water cycle, either locally, or globally. As a result, another source of energy was handed to mankind. And then i continued explaining to them that fossil fuels such as oil, coal and natural gas, biomass, nuclear, geothermal and hydrogen are sources of energy on earth that came from the sun too.

All of the students were silently listening and i noticed awed look on their face. Although i already knew their answer, i asked them, did anybody had ever told you this? No teacher, we never heard, was their replied. Then with this answer i extended my teaching last night. I told them that the first sentence that shouldn't be but had been there in their textbook was “science is a study of natural phenomena”. I wrote that sentence on the white board, then i erased the phrase “natural phenomena” adding and introducing to these young kids a new phrase “Greatness of God”. I said to them, this is why we must study science. Science is supposed to be a study of the greatness of God.

Then I asked them to open their book and we started a Q&A's session.

To my beloved brothers and sisters,
In the beginning there was only Allah. Allah had chosen us to be tested on a chosen place, the 'ardh. And Allah gave us everything that we need to rule justly on a small piece of land, precious to us 'cause it will never be made land again. Even the energy that we have now comes from Allah SWT. We walk, we talk, we sit and we think with it. We decide how to use this energy, why and when to use it, and for who we give our energy to. For good or for evil this energy from God spread by mankind.

What can we do when we see the blood of our ummah spilled with this energy? And we are on one body, we shall at least feel the pain too. Furthermore, we can teach our children with the teaching of Rasullullah SAW. The Furqan and the Sunnah are on our side, it was not sent down only for the age of the last prophet, but it remains a challenge to today's scientific and technological advancement.

After the beginning is the end.

zenoni denoni
This the end for this three-parts series. If any part in this series is wrong, please correct me.

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