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Subhanallah, Alhamdulillah, Allahuakbar
A very beautiful talk about Jannah, the heaven of the Muslim; by Imam Anwar Al Awlaki.

 Jannah is very beautiful place. The beautifulness of Jannah is beyond anyone imagination. But this place is only for Muslims. One who believes is only to Allah.

Jannah, the land that never will be influence by time. The border of Jannah is empty marshland. The marshland that divides Jannah and An-Nar, the Hellfire that burns in total darkness.

A great tree mark the beginning of this land. A great land where rivers of honey, milk and wine flows. The people who drinks from the river will never grow old. They eat neither to satisfied hunger nor to fight cold.

Listen to the last part, Paradise, which will give you knowledge about what in store for people who want go to Jannah.

It surely strengthen your iman and make you more stern in your stand in upholding the principles of a practicing Muslim. Plus you'll know what available for you up there.

All Hereafter Files (01-08) (76.3MB) (for fast connection)

Part by part download
01. Introduction And Importance (9.6MB)
02. Preparing For Death (11.7MB)
03.Minor Signs Before Day Of Judgement (10.8MB)
04.Minor Signs Before Day Of Judgement (9.5MB)
05. Major Signs Before Day Of Judgement (9.2MB)
06. Day Of Judgement and Hell Fire (10.9MB)
07. Paradise Part I (6.7MB)  *(Recommended to be listened first)
08. Paradise Part II (10.7MB) *(Then continue with this one)

All links are obtained from May Allah rewards Imam Anwar and the uploader. Read about Imam Anwar on link at his name. Jazakallah khair. May Allah bless us all and forgives us everyday.

There two ways to download
1. Direct download - click on the links below or you can try this,
2. Faster download - use Thunder Torrent. Download it here. It is in Chinese, but just click "Next " upon installation. Please read README.TXT file on how to change the languange to English.
1. Right click the links below, copy link location.
2. Open Thunder programme, go to File --> New and paste the link. Download will start automatically. Normally, files are stored in a new directory, C:/TDDownload. 

3. This method only applicable for download link only.

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