The Malay Solution - parto uno

Dec 11, 2009 by: zen non

The Malays are humble people. We do not falls into the trap of jealousy easily. "Some men's success is the blessing of the Most Gracious Allah to them," that is what we Malays always say, aren't we?

Genetically saying, the knowledge of the whole generations will be passed down to their young ones. Maybe not all, but the elemental parts of making a unique Malay in a unique world are always there. And so does everyone. Everyone is there. Living in a parallel with everyone else. Living in a threaded string connecting the past, present and the future.

Solving the genetic equation of blood over space in time exponent might present us the fruit of knowledge to produce great generation of Malay men. Great men meant for gold. But the greatest of Malays are so humble they have almost no desire of a worldly gain. What is enough are already there.

Great men of Malays just pass and go nowadays.

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