Road Troubles?!

Dec 30, 2009 by: zen non

Anda ada masalah bas? Bas lewat? Tiket bas palsu? Kemalangan? Mungkin di sini anda akan menemui jawapan.

I like being driven around. It makes me feel safe. It gives me comforts of time to be able to read something. Or else it just makes me thinking.

Alhamdulillah, my beloved country provides me with good and safe journeys so far whenever I need to travel. A basic need of human is to move. And so we move. We, from a far away land of the little Muslims have at last arrived from our archipelagos. We were connected as trading bays, armies’ bases and religion lands to the world when the peninsular discovered and duly developed.

We have joined the world with our need to travel around the globe.

It is easy to travel today. Buses and trains have surpassed our demands of having comfortable yet affordable journeys. Aeroplanes and city trains have gone off the mark. Our transport system is better than the most. Although there will be rumbles of grunts by the peasants over here and there. Even hiccups of operation unavoidable. But all in all fair and square, we shall respect each person we met on the road. They who works so hard to ensure safe journeys day in day out so each life won’t be cheaply spared. Jazakallah khair to them.

But now the safety of others has been quickly worn, what would happen if we were one of them?; is the question that we want to ignore. Not yet.

The only way is to unite. Therefore we shall vote for the best solution. Thereby we wait for majority agreement. Henceforth we made the first agreement, and then may we proceed to a major adjustment. That all our public transportation system unites in one administration, at least the one on the land.

The majority must win the battle of safety.

Risk of life is the risk of transport. Neither one small company nor hundreds divided companies can afford such risk. Maybe only a government can make those really expensive purchases to trade it for lives. But then daily commuting also brings daily income. Thus provides monies for future need. Let the country deal with this one. This is not a Hans Solo fight, but more to embark on a whole new journey.

Only can buses on the same route travels in groups. Either day or night they move. This is the city not Rub-El-Khali. But ten of buses moving at once, can only be seen in one management.

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